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Rotisserie Chicken

When the opossum found the rotisserie chicken remnants. 😉

Yummy chicken fat!

They love chicken fat. 😀

Chicken Bone

The opossum grabbed the chicken bone with skin attached and dragged it under the pallet to eat 🙂


Watch closely. You can see a little mouse scurrying through the compost. 🙂

Eating chicken skin

Eating a big piece of chicken skin

2 opossums

2 opossums in the compost pit at the same time

Opossum Pallet

They like to take their food under the pallet to eat. I put their food close to the garage last night, so it wouldn’t get snowed on. ♥

Opossum escape route

They use the broken fence board to move back and forth between our yard and the neighbor’s yard


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