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What is a CMS?

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A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage and update your web site’s content without having to learn any programming languages, purchase 3rd party software, or be indebted to a company or developer for a monthly “maintenance fee.” These web-based systems allow you to update your web site content from almost any browser. These HTML editors allow the user to input plain text which is automatically converted to HTML for the web. 

Content is entered using an HTML text editor that has an interface which is very similar to Microsoft Word. It includes features such as text formatting (bold, italics, underline, font colors, font sizes, etc.), paragraph formatting (center, left, right, justified), creating bulleted or numbered lists, adding links, uploading, inserting and formatting images, uploading and inserting videos into your pages, etc.

Additional plugins include add-on modules such as an online shopping cart, event registration, online catalogs, image slide shows and so much more. These plugins can be included when your website is created, or added at any time down the road.

WebSailer works with WordPress, PowerCMS, Concrete5, as well as custom-built CMS solutions using both PHP and ColdFusion.

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